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Making the decision to install a tankless water heater in your Raleigh home is the first step toward long-term energy and water efficiency. Tankless water heater installation will reduce your monthly utility costs and improve everyday convenience by ensuring your home always has the hot water you need for daily tasks. Before you can schedule your water heater installation date, you’ll need to choose the right tankless water heating system for your home. Your plumbing service can help you evaluate your current water heater and your predicted hot water needs to determine the best type of tankless water heater for the energy savings and convenience you want.

Factors That Affect Tankless Water Heater Function

The key to installing a tankless water heater that will deliver the savings and performance you expect is selecting a tankless water heating system that matches your hot water needs. There are several factors that affect the function of a tankless water heater, including the rate at which water flows through your pipes, the ambient temperature of your incoming water, and the number of fixtures your water heater will need to supply at a given time. Your Raleigh plumber will take all these factors into account before suggesting the best tankless water heater for installation. You should choose a water heater capable of meeting the expected extremes for your hot water usage, such as the lowest predicted temperature of incoming water and the greatest number of hot water sources you expect to use at once. Water heaters are also rated with an efficiency factor, or EF, that describes the overall energy efficiency of the unit. Your plumber can help you calculate the efficiency factor of various models to help you select a tankless water heater that will heat water both quickly and efficiently.

Tankless Water Heater Options

Once you’ve determined your hot water needs and the requirements for your home’s tankless water heater, it’s time to choose the type of water heater you want. Tankless water heaters are available as gas-burning or electric models; it’s often simplest and most cost-effective to install a tankless water heater that uses the same energy source as your current water heating unit. Whole-home tankless water heaters are slightly larger appliances with higher capacities designed to provide hot water for your whole home at once. Point-of-use models are smaller units that supply hot water to a dedicated faucet, fixture, or appliance. In many cases, a single whole-home tankless water heater is sufficient to meet the average home’s hot water needs. However, if your home is particularly large or you expect to need hot water from several fixtures at once, you may want to install two larger tankless water heaters in tandem to meet your peak hot water needs. Alternatively, installing a single whole-home tankless water heater and adding a point-of-use tankless unit in high-demand areas, such as your bathroom, will ensure that you never run out of hot water for bathing or grooming, even when hot water is needed elsewhere in your home.

Are you considering the benefits of tankless water heater installation in Raleigh? Our plumbing experts are here to help you evaluate your home’s hot water needs so you can choose the water heating solution that is best for you. Please take a look through our website to explore our plumbing products and services in your area, including 24-hour emergency service to meet your needs, day or night. You can also find out more about tankless water heater installation, maintenance, and repair on our blog.

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