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Through the ARS Cares program, ARS of Raleigh is honored to have been able to help these deserving members of our community.

ARS Cares August 2018 Winner – Bonnie Jean S. of Durham, NC

Bonnie Jean has spent over thirty years serving others, by working with children whose parents have been affected with domestic abuse. All summer long she had been struggling without A/C in a home that sometime reached over 90°.

ARS Cares April 2018 Winner – Carolyn W. of Raleigh, NC

CarolynAs a single mother with a special needs child, Carolyn was struggling with an inadequate HVAC unit that left her with a cold home, expensive electric bills and concerns for the health of her child.

A few years ago when Carolyn’s heat pump quit working she used an online company to save money on a replacement and ended up with a unit not well suited for the cold Raleigh winters. Having spent all her savings on the inadequate unit, Carolyn was left with a cold home, expensive electric bills, and concerns for the health of her child.

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