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New AC installation can improve your home’s comfort levels and lower your cooling bills each month for excellent returns on this home investment. If you’ve noticed the signs that your air conditioner is starting to fail or have experienced a major breakdown that necessitates new central AC installation, knowing what to expect during this process and how to choose the best new cooling system for your home is important. Your Durham HVAC service can help you along every step of the way during central AC installation, from helping you determine whether a new air conditioner is needed to performing the final installation and testing of the new appliance you choose for your home.

Start Planning Early

While a total AC breakdown can unexpectedly bring new AC installation to the forefront of your mind, most air conditioning systems continue to provide some cooling even as they approach the end of their functional lifetime. As soon as you begin experiencing trouble with your air conditioning, such as higher cooling bills or poor performance, it’s important to contact your HVAC service for a full system evaluation. If this evaluation finds that your air conditioner is starting to fail, it’s best to immediately begin taking steps to choose a new central AC. By replacing your central AC system before your existing cooling appliance fails completely, you’ll minimize both discomfort and maximize the time you have to shop around for the right system. If you wait until your existing AC has completely failed, you’ll likely feel more pressure to replace it as soon as possible, and may have more stringent budgetary concerns or limited choices in terms of appliances available for immediate purchase and installation.

Examine All Your Options

Replacing an existing central AC system with the same model is a simple and straightforward process. However, it’s important to consider all your options when you’re planning a new central AC installation, which lets you evaluate your current and future needs and find the best type of cooling system to meet those needs at the lowest cost. Replacing a traditional cooling system with a heat pump may save you additional money on your monthly bills, and could even lower your heating bills as well by replacing or supplementing your existing heating system. Alternatively, shopping around for a high-efficiency air conditioner allows you to invest in the long-term efficiency of your home, reducing your cooling costs through the years and improving the comfort levels you can achieve inside your home. While higher-efficiency options often cost more to purchase upfront, it’s worth examining your current budget and how installing a higher-efficiency air conditioner will affect your cooling costs over time so you can select the system that balances immediate and long-term costs to get the greatest returns on the AC system you purchase.

If you’re ready for new central AC installation in Durham, NC, we can help you select and install a new system quickly and easily to reduce schedule disruption and improve the costs and convenience of cooling your home. Please stop by our website to check out our home heating and cooling products and solutions, including insulation and ventilation services to help you get more from your HVAC system; you can also click through our blog to find even more tips and news covering a variety of home comfort topics.