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ARS® / Rescue Rooter® offers heating services in Raleigh & Durham, NC that can keep you warm and comfortable in your home all winter. Our abundance of heating services is unrivaled in the industry. For instance, if you require furnace repair in your Raleigh, NC home, we’ll be there. For those who use other sources of heat, we know how to repair and install heat pumps and air handlers. Our courteous and professional technicians understand the importance of embracing modern technology to do their jobs and use it to perform expert diagnostics during each service call. Our service trucks contain everything they need to figure out what’s wrong with your system and repair it. Even better, our team is available 24/7. We also perform replacement and installation services. If you require a new unit, we can help determine your best option and install a high-quality, energy-efficient upgrade based on your budget and the specifications of your home.

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Our Comprehensive Heating Services

One of the reasons the ARS® name is so well-regarded is our ability to deliver excellent services across a broad spectrum. For the homeowner with a two-year-old furnace, we’ve got heater repair. For the property owner with ancient HVAC equipment, ARS® / Rescue Rooter® provides installation and replacement. We’re able to do so by harnessing years of experience and training our specialists to hone in on problems and come up with innovative solutions. Our approach effectively mitigates a wide variety of issues and makes us an expert in:

How to Tell When It’s Time to Repair or Replace

Understanding when to contact ARS® / Rescue Rooter® can be tricky. Some homeowners might be reticent to make the call for fear of significant replacement chargers. But in most cases, repairs are possible. For instance, a well-maintained furnace under 12 years old won’t require replacement services in most cases. If you’re experiencing issues, our technician can replace parts and tweak your system to bring it back to excellent working order. However, furnaces don’t last forever. The average life expectancy of a furnace is 16 to 20 years, even when maintained regularly. ARS® / Rescue Rooter® encourages our clients to be proactive when the furnace reaches this age. Doing so can prevent an ill-timed breakdown. One good way to judge whether you should repair or replace a furnace is by adhering to a simple rule. If the furnace is less than 15 years old and the cost of repair is less than half the price of replacement, we’ll recommend repairs. If your furnace reaches the 16-year mark, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

Rising energy bills: Furnaces should be efficient. When yours isn’t, you’re going to notice a difference in your monthly energy bill. Inefficient and laboring furnaces have to expend considerable energy producing the heat the thermostat demands. As a result, they burn more gas or electricity. This is an issue all homeowners should pay attention to.

Frequent repairs: Another thing to pay attention to is how frequently you call us for repairs. Think of your furnace as a car. As a car ages, it requires more and more repairs. At a certain point, it isn’t worth it to sink $1,000 into repairs on a car that isn’t worth three times that. Furnaces are the same way. Sometimes, your best option is a replacement.

An inaccurate thermostat: If your thermostat works correctly, it will regulate the temperatures in every room of your home with pinpoint accuracy. If you like the house set at 72 degrees, there shouldn’t be any variance from room to room. When HVAC systems age, they have a harder time with it. As a result, you can experience cold spots in some rooms. If this is happening and the furnace is in the 16-year range, it might be time to replace it.

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If we recommend replacing your furnace, it might be worth exploring a heat pump. These variations on furnaces can be better options for many Raleigh, NC homeowners. They’re ultra-efficient, saving you money on each monthly payment. They’re also quicker to warm a home and provide both heating and cooling capabilities within one unit. For more information on heat pumps and our other services, contact ARS® / Rescue Rooter® today.

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