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Your home’s air conditioner takes center stage during the warm summer months, working hard every day to create the cool and comfortable indoor environment you want. While a serious breakdown is an obvious sign that AC repair service is needed, there are other, more subtle indications that your cooling system is beginning to experience trouble as well. Learning to recognize these signs can help you take fast action to prevent further damage by scheduling professional AC repair, eliminating the risk of a serious issue and improving your daily comfort and convenience all summer long.

Frequent Cycling

During normal function, your air conditioner should cycle on and off to provide cooling as needed. However, one cycle should be enough to keep your home comfortable for a significant stretch of time without requiring another bout of mechanical cooling shortly after the first. Frequent cycling refers to an air conditioner that turns on and off much more frequently than expected, and typically only remains on for a few minutes at a time before cycling off again. This type of behavior indicates that your cooling system is not only struggling, but suffering efficiency issues that will affect your long-term home comfort and increase your cooling bills significantly. If you think your air conditioner has been cycling much more often than necessary, it could be time to contact your AC repair service to check the system.

Strange Noises

All air conditioning units operate with some level of noise, and you likely already know the types of noise you can expect when your air conditioner activates. However, strange noises or very loud operation are sure signs that a problem is brewing inside your AC unit that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Significantly louder operation often signals the buildup of dirt and dust inside your HVAC system, which requires your blower motor to work much harder, increasing its output and its noise levels. Sounds such as clanging, rattling, squeaking, or squealing noises are typically symptoms of poor lubrication levels or broken and worn components that can cause significant damage if left unaddressed, even if the sounds you hear are infrequent. Your professional AC repair service can quickly assess the noises you may be hearing and take any actions necessary to repair, replace, or maintain the problem areas of your cooling system for quieter and more efficient cooling function.

Is it time to schedule AC repair service in Chapel Hill, NC? When you need home cooling diagnostics and repair, our experienced home comfort technicians are available for convenient appointments, 24/7 emergency HVAC repair, and preventive maintenance so you can stay on top of all your home’s cooling needs. You can find out more about our cooling and indoor air quality products and solutions on our website, where you’ll also discover more helpful hits and tips in our monthly blog articles.