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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Gives You Peace of Mind, Savings and More

Do you have a preventative maintenance policy for your heating and cooling equipment? If not, you should. Your heating and cooling system is a significant investment in your home, family, and comfort, and should be taken care of and checked on an annual basis.

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What Preventative Maintenance Can Provide

  • Improves Heating and/or Cooling System Performance
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Extends the Life of the Equipment
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Helps Prevent Costly Breakdowns
  • Improves System Safety

Our HVAC preventative maintenance agreements not only help to protect your heating and cooling equipment, but they also give you peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and trusted company you can call whenever you have problems with your system.

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Our Home Service Plan

With our Home Service Plan, you’ll receive:

  • Preferred Pricing on service, repair, installation, and after-hours charges
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • 10% off Heating and Cooling Repairs
  • 5% off New Heating and Cooling System Installations
  • Complimentary Annual Ductwork or Home Energy Evaluation
  • Longer expected life for your valuable heating and air conditioning systems
  • Nationwide flexibility—move anywhere within our service areas and continue to utilize our home comfort services for your new home
  • Seasonal Preventative Maintenance on your heating and cooling system

Call (919) 865-7777 to learn more about our Home Service Plans!

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