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When’s the last time you looked in your crawl space?

If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably been a while, and if you have peaked inside recently you were probably met by a foul moldy smell, cobwebs or, even worse, a rodent or two.

No big deal, right? Is it not like your crawl space is actually part of your home?


An estimated 60% of the air in your home traveled through your crawl space. So, if you or your family are suffering from allergies or asthmatic, your crawl space could be exacerbating your symptoms.

Moisture Control

Moisture control is key to improving your crawl space environment. In warm climates, like we have in the Raleigh/Durham area high humidity levels in your crawl space can cause mold and other problems. By changing the heat exchange surface in your home – the temperature in your crawl space becomes the same as the temperature on the first level of your home – crawl space encapsulation can prevent many problems caused by high humidity.

$19 Ductwork and Crawl Space Inspection*

*Offer applies to inspection service only. Recommended repairs will be quoted and performed upon homeowner approval. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts or prior sales. See service center for details. Coupon required at time of service. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001.

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4-Step Encapsulation Process

ARS®/Rescue Rooters 4-Step Encapsulation Process address all areas where moisture can enter your crawl space.

  1. Groundwater Mitigation – when needed, we begin by installing a crawl space drainage system and sump pump.
  2. Encapsulation – a special 12ml thick vapor barrier is placed across the crawl space floor to prevent moisture from transferring from the soil below. The walls of the crawl space are then lined with rigid foam insulation wallboard. Vents are sealed off – with care taken to ensure they are still visibly pleasing from outside the home. Lastly, any joints or gaps where even the smallest amount of moist air could enter the crawl space are sealed with seam tape.
  3. Install a Dehumidifier – a dehumidifier will ensure the correct humidity level in your crawl space, preventing mold and mildew growth. It will also improve the humidity levels on the first level of your home.
  4. Continuous Monitoring – After the crawl space encapsulation is complete, ARS®/Rescue Rooter® goes one step further to prevent future problems by installing a humidity sensor. This device pairs with any smartphone and will alert the homeowner if the temperature or humidity level falls out of the acceptable range. The included water sensor will also alert the homeowner at the first sign of flooding.

Would Your Home Benefit from Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Major issues that are often caused by a damp crawl space include:

  • Cracks in the drywall of interior walls
  • Stale or musty odors in your home
  • Extra cold floors on the first level of your home
  • Uneven floors in your home
  • High humidity levels in your home during summer months
  • Insect or rodent problems

Crawl Space Encapsulation, can not only prevent these problems, but it also makes a home healthier and more comfortable, saves up to 20% on heating/cooling cost.

Schedule an appointment with an expert from ARS/Rescue Rooter for a thorough crawl space and ductwork analysis to determine the right solution for your home today!

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